Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogs and Photos

A website home page for is under construction. For now, takes you to this site, which is my old blog that was called Karey's Overflow.

It's confusing, I know ...

I now have three blogs. And I have two photo sites. So I'll put everything here as links to them all, for now, until I create the webpage with it's info and links to everything. is this blog. My old blog. is my new blog. will be a place to post recipes and organize them and talk food. is where I'm posting pics of my textile art. is where family pics and all are posted.

Home. A picture Dawson took. But now the fencing is done and gardens pretty much done (is gardening ever done? ... kinda like - does a kitchen ever stay clean? Is women's work ever done? "Her candle never goes out" ... hmmm)
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